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MedInterview is the UK’s leading provider in courses for entry into medical and dental schools.

This course guarantees to give individuals the best possible chance of obtaining that place.

Why is the MedInterview course so successful? 

Get taught exactly what you need, by the best.

The MedInterview course is constantly being kept up to date by those selecting students for Medicine and Dentistry. 

Taught by tutors with over 20 years of experience in the field including doctors and qualified trainers that specialise in getting individuals into medicine. The teaching is of the highest calibre, and the content on the day long course is everything you need to pass the interview and get that place in medicine.  

Our course is made and run by experts with over 20 years experience in teaching prospective medical students

Medicine is amongst the most competitive courses applied for in the UK. UCAS statistics showed that in 2011 there were more than 95,000 applicants for roughly 8,000 places.  Running as a service to help individuals improve their chances since 2004, a year upon year improvement has been seen in the number of candidates attaining places. The MedInterview course has been overseen by tutors with over 20 years of experience in helping students gain the fundamentals of passing a medical school interview.  It’s through this method that MedInterview has attained such a high success rate for those that got interviews. 

Get that vital interview practice

As with any interview, practice is fundamental. 

The MedInterview course is one of the only courses where you get one-to-one feedback from a qualified tutor. After every topic taught, there is active use of the material learnt which is assessed. This application of what is taught is the most effective way of gaining experience. Along with course, you also get unlimited support after the course with the tutors, which can be done by email or Skype. 

* The 92% place obtained statistic is taken from the 77 individuals that replied to our post course survey that replied that they had received two or more interviews, and attained a place in medical or dental schools in 2011. Of the 77 individuals, 71 had received a place. 

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